I’m Letting God Take Control

Hey all… I’ve kind of gotten away from the Instagram scene the past few months… that is, I’m not as active as I used to be. At first it started out because I stopped using my phone so much because I was sick of feeling so attached to it, but once I had some distance,…… Continue reading I’m Letting God Take Control

Day 20 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

October 20 : Loss Inspired Projects I have quite a few ideas for loss projects that I am planning on doing in the coming months, but here is one that I completed in early summer. I wrote 50 names of angel babies and clipped them all around the door in my office. I love how…… Continue reading Day 20 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

Day 18 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

October 18 : Symbol I’m sure it’s pretty obvious, after my post about her name meaning HERE,  that the symbol that reminds us most of June is a rose. We planted 5 rose bushes in June’s memorial garden this past spring, and I’ve never been one for plants. I once killed a cactus. THEY DON’T EVEN…… Continue reading Day 18 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

Day 17 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

October 17 : Siblings or Rainbow Babies Note: This is a very honest post. As a result, I ramble on a lot as this is the first time I’ve been this transparent enough to reflect on my thoughts.  June doesn’t have any siblings on Earth, or in heaven as of right now. Having more kids…… Continue reading Day 17 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

Day 16 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

October 16 : Most Valuable Keepsake The most valuable keepsake I have from the day June was born, is probably the blanket she was wrapped in. It is tucked away in her memory box, and every once and awhile, I’ll go through and just hold it. We did receive a small grief box (or whatever…… Continue reading Day 16 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

Day 15 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

October 15 : Wave of Light This year, October 15th (Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day) fell on a Sunday. I was looking for a PAIL walk to attend, but couldn’t find one near me, so I set up my own. I thought, “How many years is it going to take for it to cycle…… Continue reading Day 15 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

Day 13 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge

October 13 : Place of Care or Birth You’ll have to forgive me if this post is extremely short and to the point. I did not have the best experience with the place of birth and find it painful to go into too much depth on the matter. Besides the obvious that we lost out…… Continue reading Day 13 – #2017PAILPhotoChallenge